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De l’AI dans notre vie

Des machines prédictives de l’Antiquité jusqu’aux applications à faible code ou sans code actuelles, l’Intelligence Artificielle jalonne notre quotidien. Bien souvent, nous l’utilisons machinalement, sans le savoir.

Berlin, most attractive hub in Europe

Germany’s capital leads among 50 cities to start a company in, Zurich counts 76% foreign-born founders, and Vienna has the highest share of women entrepreneurs (34%), a survey says.

Narcissism, a business risk

CEOs and CFOs overestimating their own abilities and urging for constant admiration and affirmation are most likely to fraud and show non-integrate behaviors, a survey shows.

“A wealthy country like Luxembourg should support and fund startups!”

ClearImage AI, a Luxembourg-based AI technology company, is about to launch a solution that looks after seniors in their daily life. Kris Bober, its CEO, explains how he struggled to get help and financing from the local government and authorities.

Robot to help autistic kids socialize

The smiling and softly speaking expressive humanoid developed by LuxAI encourages children to learn and practice social, emotional and cognitive skills.

“My objective is to add educational value to the country”

Syrian and serial entrepreneur Riad Taha explains how IT and AI drive his business projects.

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